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Office Chairs


Choosing the right office chair

First of all, it’s important to consider how long you plan to sit in your office chair before you go out and purchase one. If you work from home, then you might be sitting in your office chair for eight hours or more a day, so it’s probably best to opt for an ergonomically designed chair. If you only use your office chair for leisure, perhaps while you are online shopping, then you probably don’t need to get something so modern or functional.

Functions to consider in your office chair

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your office chair, then you might want to purchase one that reclines, so you don’t have to reach or strain to use your computer keyboard. You will also want to consider the height of the chair, as your feet should rest comfortably on the ground for good posture. Lumbar support and the height of the arm rests are also important for maximum comfort and to ensure you’re sitting with the correct posture when you’re spending a lot of time at your computer each day.

Don’t forget about your office desk

When purchasing your office chair, you also need to keep in mind your office desk that is going to go with it. What is the height of the desk and will the chair be a suitable height to match? And what is the design and style of desk and will the chair look trendy tucked in underneath it?

What kind of office furniture do you have in your study space? You need to consider all of these factors before you purchase your office chair, so you can be sure it’ll match the décor of the room. At House of Home, we have everything you need to create that perfect office space, so you can work at home and enjoy your time doing so.

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