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Stick it in the mixer!

The kitchen items you can replace with a mixer

Don’t spend 10 minutes shredding carrots and risking your fingers in the grater. Instead, use a slicer attachment in your mixer, replacing the need for a knife, cutting board and grater – having your carrots and other vegetables, or even cheese, shredded in no time at all.

The old fashioned way of baking a cake often involved mixing with a wooden spoon or beating for ages with a whisk. No need for this elbow grease with a mixer – simply shove the ingredients into the machine and press a button.

A dough hook can do wonders too, eliminating the need for kneading dough over and over again. Instead, mix your flour, water and other ingredients in the mixer with a dough hook and watch the dough form before your eyes.

Creative ways to use a mixer

Want to make meatballs? Why not create the mince in the mixer? Or if you’re entertaining you can mash 10 avocadoes at once in your mixer to create a delicious guacamole.

Mashing potatoes by hand can make your wrists sore, but popping them into your mixer will make the job much easier – trust us. And you can also shred chicken in there to go with your mash!

You can’t look past your whisk attachment either – it makes the process of creating a meringue a piece of cake.

Buy small first to test it out

If you’re not 100% certain you need a mixer in your life, why not start out small? You can purchase a hand mixer first and, if you enjoy using it, upgrade to a more substantial standalone mixer and use it to bake cakes. Browse our range and choose a mixer that’s right for you.