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How can you use marble mosaic tiles?

Whether it's to retile your bathroom that may be getting stale, for sprucing up your kitchen, or to redecorate your outdoor area that just isn't quite doing it for you and needs a breath of fresh air, our marble mosaic tiles will fit the bill.

Thanks to their versatility, and the infinite combinations with which they can be used and arranged, these tiles are a great way to bring that touch of novelty and grandeur to any home environment.

What materials are they made of?

All of our marble tiles are made from quality marble of various types and colours, suitable for our customers' many needs and tastes. If you prefer classic grey tones, creating a relaxing and neutral environment, or a touch more colour, take your pick from over 70 different types and combinations of marble, mosaic style and colour combinations. For advice on how to arrange or plan your renovations or your construction ideas, take a look at our blog posts on bathroom renovation ideas and our Love Shack project.

Marble is one of our three favourite tile trends, and it's no surprise why - not only is it an incredibly durable and resistant stone, which will allow you to say goodbye to wet marks in the bathroom, stains in the kitchen, and scratches and wear in the garden, but it also is a timeless and elegant look.

What is the price range?

We have a range of styles to suit all budgets, depending on the quantity and the type of marble. But with our incredible discounts up to 75%, you can have quality marble at a fraction of the cost.

We offer not only a great range of products but many ways of helping you plan ahead.