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Versatile, attractive mantle clocks never go out of style

One of the most endearing features of mantle clocks is their timeless elegance. Designed to look equally appealing in a period property and a contemporary residence, a mantle clock provides a superb accent on a mantle shelf, table or dresser. Its classic form and elegant face provide the perfect accompaniment to any décor.

Ideal for gifting

If you're struggling to find a perfect present that will always be appreciated, mantle clocks could be the perfect solution. Adaptable, practical and high quality, a mantle clock will almost invariably be well-received. Why not select a modern design for younger members of the family, or a more traditional model for older relatives? The highly visible nature of mantle clocks ensures that the recipient will have a constant reminder of just how much you mean to them.

Built to last

Our mantle clocks are made from high grade materials to an exceptional build standard. The finely made workings and exquisitely formed case combine to form a durable item that will last well and look fantastic. If you want something a little different, have you considered mantle clocks with wooden casings? These provide a gorgeous, vintage look that's always attractive.

Battery powered for added durability

One of the major drawbacks of mantle clocks made some years ago was that they featured a wind-up mechanism. Not only were these clocks prone to the problems which over-winding can bring, but if you forget to wind one, it soon runs down and stops. To solve these problems, good quality, modern mantle clocks use battery power to keep the workings running smoothly. Using batteries places less stress on the clock than manual winding and also usually enables the clock to function independently for years at a time.

Check out how you can use a mantle clock to create a fabulous feature wall.