LPG Gas Fireplaces


Create ambiance with an LPG gas fireplace

Here at House of Home, our LPG Gas Fireplaces create the perfect mood and temperature for any occasion. Our huge range ensures that your home is fitted with a fireplace that blends straight into the décor. With a massive selection of colours, sizes, brands, and operational features, House of Home will showcase the LPG Gas Fireplace that perfectly completes your living space.

Buying an LPG gas fireplace

Our expert staff have created an online shopping experience that will make buying your LPG Gas Fireplace seamless and stress-free. The team at House of Home recommend keeping in mind the following when searching for your new fireplace:

  1. Size: is the fireplace large enough to heat the space or small enough that you won’t be overpaying for its use? Check the measurements to find out!
  2. Control: does the fireplace have the climate control that suits you, your family, and your home environment?
  3. Energy rating: is the energy rating satisfactory for the economy of your household?
  4. Price: are the outlay and cost of running your fireplace within budget?

Benefits of a gas fireplace

With winter around the corner, the days will start to lose natural warmth. Be prepared for this year’s cold season with an LPG Gas Fireplace. Easy to maintain and affordable to run, you can expect the following from your new purchase:

  1. An ambient gas flame that is safe to use and easy to operate
  2. Mood lighting means you come home every night to your own peaceful sanctuary
  3. Instant controls mean instant heat – no more wood chopping!
  4. Without the mess from logs or kindling you can be warm and cosy without the hassle.
  5. No smoke means fewer emissions so the air you and your family breathe is clean and safe.
  6. An LPG Gas Fireplace adds value and ups the resale price on your property.
  7. All available fireplaces can easily be installed on any wall surface.

House and Home makes online purchases easy. You can opt to contact the seller directly through the ad or click Contact Us and our experienced staff will help you with any queries you may have. Have a browse and get in touch today to start experiencing the difference an LPG Gas Fireplace can make to your home.

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