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How to select the right Telbix Lighting for your home

Some of the most popular lights in Telbix Lighting's range are LED downlights, chandeliers, strip lighting and pendants. All of these forms of lighting allow you to create the perfect mood and ambience in your home and adequately light up work areas, such as the kitchen, when in use.

However, if you're looking for lighting that is more vibrant, then consider pendants that have coloured centres or exteriors. These lights typically come in green, orange, red, and blue, and they are ideal if you're searching for contrasting colours to accentuate centre pieces or decor in your home.

How is Telbix Lighting constructed?

Using materials such as glass, metal, wood and wire, Telbix Lighting craft a variety of contemporary and traditional lighting pieces that are suited to any areas of a home. Metal lights come in chrome, aluminium, and bronze finishes, while chandeliers come in glass and crystal.

Telbix Lighting types complement the look of any interior design choice. For instance, if you are seeking to create an elegant and stylish look, then chandeliers, ambient lighting and pendants that are long and slender will give you the desired effect. However, if 'industrial chic' is more the design type you're after to match your surroundings, then select lighting made from metal and wire, and that use a vintage, filament styled globe.

For more types on selecting lighting that can really create an impression in your home, check out the facts on buying the right home lighting yourself on our blog. Buy Telbix Lighting for your home, and let there be light!