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Laundry Troughs


Find the laundry trough that’s right for you

Find the best laundry trough for your laundry space by looking at our stockists from across Australia, all available at House of Home.

Some of the laundry troughs are more traditional with ceramic sink space, which look great in a white and freshly painted laundry room. Others are the more modern stainless steel range, which are very easy to clean. Whatever your taste, we’re sure to have a style that suits you.

You can choose a laundry trough that is a complete stand alone set-up, coming with below storage, or perhaps all you need is the inset of the laundry trough, which can be placed into the design of your existing laundry room.

Find a stylish laundry trough

Once completely overlooked during home renovations, social media has made home design sky rocket in all areas - including your laundry room. It's in vogue to make your home reflect you in all areas, so look online to get inspired and follow the home design trend. The quickest way to do this is through House of Home's eclectic lifestyle blog, which has got all the info you need to push forwards with your home and laundry design.

Which laundry trough is right for you?

Before choosing your laundry trough, consider the size of your laundry and how many people are living in your home. If you have any children, then the chances are you’ll probably be spending a bit more of your time in your laundry room, so a double sink laundry trough might be the way to go.

If you are concerned with design, then our range of ceramic stand alone laundry troughs might be what you’re after. These simple and stylish sinks are taken from a French influence and add a touch of class to any laundry.

Remember that we have plenty more items to help smoothen out your laundry experience, from our ironing range to our custom cupboards.

At House of Home, we pride ourselves on superior style with whatever design you go for, so you can be sure that however long you need to spend in laundry will be more enjoyable with House of Home products.