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Turn on the style with our laundry tap sets

Which laundry tap set is right for your home?

Once upon a time the laundry tap set and its accompanying trough were a purely utilitarian affair. But today, style-savvy homemakers seeking to renovate or build a new home look to the laundry as a continuum of their overall interior design.

After all, why should the laundry ever detract from an otherwise stylish home? This is why it's important to invest in a laundry tap set that best suits your family's needs and personal aesthetic.

Beyond style considerations, there is another key factor to consider when selecting a laundry tap set and that is water saving and WELS rating.

What exactly is a WELS rating?

WELS ratings are given by the Australian government to advise consumers of the energy efficiency of bathware and laundry appliances. Tapware products are put through their paces by testing for watertightness, along with the overall endurance of the components that make up the tap set. What's more, when taps are tested they are subjected to being turned on and off, from hot to cold, some 50,000 times, thus mimicking several years of actual usage. WELS ratings run from one to six stars, with a high WELS rating giving the consumer a good indication that a tap set will both save water and last the distance.

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