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Improve your laundry with Simpson

Simple designs to suit every home

Simpson washing machines and dryers have been a fixture in Australian homes for decades. Renowned for their clean lines and rugged construction, Simpson laundry appliances won’t let you down – and they’ll become a much-loved and, dare we say, well-used part of your home!

Front end or top load washing machine? You choose!

Simpson washing machines come in two main styles: the classic top loader and the more modern front end loader. Both designs offer great energy efficiency, value for money and quality construction.

The basic difference between these two Simpson design styles is size. Front end loaders tend to take up less space while top loaders tend to be a bit bigger. So when choosing between them, it pays to take into account the space you will be working with.

Offering high efficiency technology for both top loaders and front end loaders, Simpson’s range of washers are up to the task whichever style you choose. At House of Home, we’ll find the right Simpson for your needs.

And when it comes to dryers, Simpson offers large capacity units, dealing with up to 6 kg of laundry no sweat.

Together, a Simpson washer and dryer make a formidable team!

Simpson: the Australian favourite

At House of Home, we stock a wide range of quality built Simpson washing machines and dryers priced competitively to suit every budget.

With simple, clean lines, packed with advanced features and sporting energy efficient design, a Simpson laundry appliance won’t let you down.