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Choose Sagi for your stylish laundry product

Sagi goes the extra mile with stylish and functional, large capacity and deep sink bowls. Most designs include details like underneath lacquering, which helps with maintaining the desired temperature of the water according to your needs.

Sagi has thought of every design detail

Sagi sinks are not only designed to be attractive and stylish but also easy to clean. Not only that, every design detail has been taken care of when it comes to the Sagi range - like sound-reducing features so that even filling the bowl is a pleasure when it comes to the sounds and vibrations of the water as it goes in.

Sagi sinks use quality, hygienic stainless steel

Sagi sinks are manufactured using genuine, high quality and hygienic stainless steel, and come in a range of shapes, designs, functions and sizes to give your space the elegant look you are seeking.

Sagi is the perfect complement to the laundry

Sagi's range goes beyond the sink. Metal laundry cabinets and stainless steel tubs produced by Sagi come with adjustable feet, shelves and floor, as the perfect complement to the stylish and functional laundry.

Sagi designs range from classic to contemporary

Sagi products have been designed so that every style desire - from traditional and classic through to modern, contemporary masterpieces - has been thought about and taken care of.

Sagi is constantly improving its range

Sagi has listened carefully to the market when it comes to what people are looking for, with products that are constantly being updated, improved and developed for every customer's need.

Here at House of Home we also have a range of Sagi Kitchen Sinks available to buy online and in store.

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