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Quality and style with Beko washers and dryers

Your home’s laundry can be a drab place, with washers and dryers just humming away, cleaning your clothes and sheets and getting them ready for another day.

But with Beko’s range of beautifully designed washers and dryers, your laundry can become a place where cleanliness gets breathed into your home, time after time, ever reliable and always stylish.

Beko has been designing high quality appliances for decades and established a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic paired with precise engineering. Beko’s appliances will give your laundry an instant makeover – but they’re more than just good-looking…

Rugged designs that get the job done

Beko’s range of washing machines, dryers and washer/dryer combos are built to last, with innovative control features and layouts, making them easy to install and even easier to use.

With an emphasis on energy efficiency and reliability, Beko is the perfect choice for tackling your family’s laundry – from daily washes to the weekly cleanse, Beko can handle it with style.

Washer, dryer, or both?

Beko is all about versatility, offering a range of laundry appliances that can handle any job. From basic front-end loader washing machines to dryers with a large capacity, there are scores of models to choose from. But if you want the best of both worlds, Beko also offers washer/dryer combinations that allow loads of washing to be thoroughly cleaned and dried in one go.

When choosing which of these suits you and your family, consider the size and frequency of the washing loads you need to do, and also the dimensions of the laundry you want to install the machines into. A larger space can handle a standalone washer and dryer, while a smaller room could benefit from a Beko combo.

At House of Home, we stock a big range of Beko laundry products and work with some Australia’s best retailers to match our customers to the right machines.

All you have to do is choose – and with such good-looking machines to pick from, you’ll want them all!