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Latex Mattress

What is latex foam?

There are two kinds of latex mattresses – natural latex foam and synthetic latex foam. Natural latex foam mattresses are made of natural latex from rubber trees. On the other hand, synthetic latex foam is a mix of natural latex and synthetic latex. The latter is generally derived from petrochemicals and other synthetic substances.

Why buy a natural latex foam mattress?


Pure natural latex is hypoallergenic. Dust mites and bacteria cannot live in latex due to its open ventilation and cell structure.

Environmentally friendly

Latex is a renewable resource that is also bio-degradable. By buying a mattress that is chemical-free, you would be doing your part for the environment on two counts!


Unlike conventional mattresses, latex mattresses (of any kind) last for about 30 years. And natural latex mattresses could last even longer than that! What’s more, natural latex mattresses also feel newer for longer as there are no metal springs involved.

Why buy a synthetic latex foam mattress?

Synthetic latex foam mattresses are often less expensive and more widely available than 100% natural latex mattresses. Often, the longevity of good synthetic mattresses is on par with that of natural latex mattresses. Another benefit of choosing synthetic is that the mattress will be lighter, which makes transportation easier. If you rent or are constantly moving houses, this may be a preferable option.

How do you know if the latex is natural or synthetic?

You can be sure that a latex mattress is made of natural latex if it is certified organic. Certifications and tests are mostly carried out by non-Australian organisations, some of which include Germany’s Eco Institut and the USDA (go to this page for a more comprehensive list). Asking your mattress supplier for proof of certification is advisable before making a purchase.