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Phoenix Kitchen Taps


Kitchen taps with a difference from Phoenix Tap Ware

If it's a stylish and modern kitchen you're after, then look no further than Phoenix’s unique tap ware range.

Their designs are always on trend and up to date with the latest home styling looks, meaning a tap from their range will make your home stand out.

Beautiful design that works seamlessly in your kitchen

The Phoenix kitchen taps are not simply designed to look sleek – they are very practical and functional too. The taps are easy to turn on and off, even with a slight nudge, and are able to be controlled with ease.

Many of the designs come with a high tap gauge, from which the water spout springs, meaning it is easy to get dirty dishes underneath the water to clean and carry out other kitchen tasks.

Complete a perfect kitchen renovation with tap ware from Phoenix

Is your kitchen looking tired? Perhaps you love to cook but the state of where you make your meals is putting you off. The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be treated as such. Renovating and updating your kitchen can have a huge effect on the feel and look of your home, improving your living environment dramatically.

Adding a high quality Phoenix kitchen tap to your new kitchen design gives it the finishing touch, making your kitchen look beautiful and complete.

Kitchen taps that are different

Most kitchen taps are made from stainless steel. But here at House of Home, we dare to be different. Which is why we feature the Phoenix range. As some of their taps are made with a premium black matt finish, they are something truly different to add to your kitchen.

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