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Splashbacks are an excellent way to inject some personality and colour into your newly renovated kitchen.

Often overlooked, splashbacks are actually an extremely important facet of the kitchen as they protect surfaces from water and heat.

From being used in the kitchen, the bathroom and even the laundry, splashbacks make it easier to keep surfaces clean and hygienic.

Choosing the right splashback

A splashback will be an investment piece in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry that will last if properly cared for. There are some points to consider when choosing the right splashback for your home:

  • Budget - some materials are more expensive than others, and don’t forget about installation costs too.

  • Style - make sure your choice reflects the style and décor of your house.

  • Location - depending on the location, the material you choose must be able to withstand heat, water and stains.

Splashback Materials

Tile Splashbacks

Tiles are a classic and common choice for splashbacks. With Tile Splashbacks, you have endless options in terms of the type of tiles and colour you want to choose.

Glass Splashbacks

Fast becoming an extremely popular choice, Glass splashbacks are a more expensive option but have a number of benefits. Available in a myriad of colours and with the ability to print your own design on them, glass splashbacks are clear of grout and any other places for mould to grow in.

Mirror Splashbacks

A Mirror Splashback is a beautiful option that will open up a small bathroom or kitchen. Mirrors require constant care and cleaning and are more ideally suited for someone

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Stainless Steel Splashbacks are incredibly beautiful. Available plain, brushed and even printed, they can be used in modern or traditional homes. Stainless Steel splashbacks can also be painted to suit your décor.

Stone Splashbacks

Long-lasting if sealed and looked after; stone splashbacks offer a beautiful natural finish. Keep in mind that stone is porous if using around water so sealing it is a must.

Acrylic Splashbacks

Acrylic Splashbacks can be fully integrated into your kitchen as they can also be used as bench tops. Make sure you choose an Acrylic splashback that will handle heat if in the kitchen.

Laminate Splashbacks

Laminate has proven to be a good budget option and is available in a myriad of styles, colours and finishes.