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Kids desks for crafts, study, and their own space

Do your kids love to get crafty? Perhaps they get stuck into their artwork in the middle of the living room floor and you’d love for them to move their glittery pieces into their bedroom? Or if they’re a little older, maybe it’s time to create the perfect study nook. Whatever the reason, a kids desk is a great investment, and can help create the perfect space for them to get creative.

A kids desk for arts and crafts

If you are purchasing a kids desk so your child can have a place to play with their art work, then opt for one that has an easy-to-clean surface, such as one made from MDF or another similarly durable table top.

You may also want to choose a desk that has ample storage attached to it, in the form of drawers or shelves, so that once they’ve finished with their arts and crafts they can neatly pack away all their art supplies and materials into storage areas.

A kids desk for homework

If your child needs a comfortable area to do their homework in, then it might be time to invest in a new desk for their bedroom. These days, many children require a computer to complete their homework, so you want to ensure their desk space has enough area for one to sit on, as well as access for cables. You may also opt for a small shelf underneath the desk to store the keyboard on too, which can roll out of the way when not needed.

Your child’s age will influence the desk’s style

It’s important to get your child’s opinion on what kind of desk they’d like in their room, because the more they like the new desk, the more time they’ll spend in the space. If they are younger, they may choose a brightly coloured desk, such as one in pink or blue. If they’re a little older, they might prefer a more sophisticated style, such as a desk made from wood or one painted in subtler colours. Consider the other furniture in their bedroom before you buy as well.

Whatever the style you choose, there’s no doubting a kids desk can be a fabulous addition to your child’s bedroom. And don’t forget to purchase an ergonomic chair too! In need of some more inspiration? Make sure you read our 5 tips for creating your home office, or our guide to home office design & styles.