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Key Bowl
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Key Bowl


Useful and stylish key bowls

A decorative key bowl can be the perfect accessory in any room of the house. But have you ever thought about other uses for a stylish key bowl?

Choose your style with a decorative key bowl

Relax in the bath with a pillar candle in your bowl, with soft, warm light that will last through the evening. A decorative key bowl can also be used on your fireplace mantle, or any area that is looking dreary and needs spicing up. Add a touch of magic to that empty bowl with some stones or even coloured glass rocks.

A beautiful-smelling key bowl

Fill your new key bowl with dried flower petals and add a beautiful aroma to your contemporary interior design. Or group smaller bowls together for a perfect decorative display, such as on a small sofa or coffee table, and add a scented sachet to finish off the key bowl with a lovely smell.

A key bowl for your favourite snacks

Or if you're feeling peckish, feast on a bowl of snacks like nuts, chips or popcorn in style with a decorative key bowl. But make sure you clean it out well afterwards and then you can use your key bowl for a small decorative potted plant.

Key bowls - for more than just your keys

The perfect use for your key bowl, of course, is your keys - so that you'll never lose them again. An attractive key bowl in a convenient location is also perfect for storing other small items, like your reading glasses or remote controls.