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Three tips for selecting a new kettle


It's no surprise that a hermit might need a different-sized kettle to a home entertainer. Different kettles have different water (and food) capacities. If you're travelling and need a small multipurpose device for your hot water, soups, and stews, a small food and drink heater will be perfect. But if you have a large family, and they all like to sit down for coffee at the same time, you might want a kettle that holds enough water for seven cups. Also note that some larger kettles will also have the cups shown on the side, so you can use them as a guide when making for a crowd.

Tea and coffee

Everyone knows the secret to a good cup of tea is the water, hence some modern kettles include features that allow you more control over the water temperature for making tea and coffee. If you're a real tea person, you can even select a kettle that includes a brewer, so your kettle can double as a teapot. And if you are dedicated, check to see if your kettle includes the keep warm option, so you'll never have to reheat the same brew twice.

Also, remember, these luxury features can also be lifesavers for new mothers. If you don't feel comfortable microwaving milk for your baby, but don't want to heat milk in a pot then wait for it to cool to feed to your baby, then an advanced kettle could be perfect for you. You can boil the milk the night before to serialise, then heat to the perfect 40 degrees come morning, so there's no more hassle when it comes to feeding the hungry baby!


On a final note, remember that, especially when multi-purposing your kettle, it's always wise to select the model that looks easiest to clean. Strange shapes and sizes will be awkward for wiping out and scrubbing, but an open kettle, or one that comes apart, will be much easier.

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