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Jute & Sisal Rugs


Five benefits of jute and sisal rugs

1. Interesting colours

Whether you're looking for subtle shades or bright colours, jute and sisal can both work for you. For a mesmerising look, choose rugs that show off natural fibres (no dye added), which feature fascinating gradations. Alternatively, for bold, striking patterns, go for dyed jute and sisal rugs - check out the beautiful Rhonda-Round Rangoon, for example.

2. Eco-friendly

Jute and sisal grow naturally, so they're much better for the environment than artificial materials, like plastic. Organically-grown fibres are even better because they avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals.

3. Easy to match

Natural fibres in their natural colours can match nearly any interior. You can put them alongside similar colours or contrast them - either way, they'll work. Browse our chapel rugs, for example, which come in various shades of grey. You could add any one of them to pretty much any room without worrying about clashes.

4. Comfortable and welcoming

It's hard to say exactly why, but there's just something so warm and welcoming about a rug made of natural fibres. Artificial materials simply can't compare. Is there a space in your house that doesn't feel homely or comfy enough? Try adding a jute or sisal rug and see the transformation. It'll seem like a tiny part of your home is on constant holiday.

5. Easy to clean

Jute and sisal rugs don't hang onto dust as intensely as other materials. And that means less housework for you! Who wants to spend their time dusting, vacuuming and shaking out rugs, when there are so many other, more fun things to do?

Can't decide on one rug? Get some tips on how to layer rugs. Discover why jute and sisal rugs are perfect for your play or rumpus room.

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