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Inset Baths


What is an Inset Bath?

An inset bath is probably the most widely installed style of bath there is. Long before the freestanding bathtub became popular, the inset bath was installed in bathrooms everywhere.

To be installed the inset bath requires a frame to be built, this is generally done out of wood and then the bath is dropped onto a supporting base, and then finished in tiling. The inset bath will then have a tiled hob around it. How many sides of the bath are tiled depends on the exact model you choose and the available space in your bathroom.

Drop in Bathtub

Strictly speaking, an inset bath is dropped in to a wooden frame and has a tiled hob on all four sides or all around the bath if it’s round.

If the look of a drop in bathtub is what you are aiming for then make sure you choose a bath that suits exactly this application. The key thing is the lip of the bath – it needs to be suitable to sit on top of the tiling.

You can also get an inset bath that is only tiled on two or three sides. Strictly speaking this isn’t an inset bath, but a wall facing bath. The key thing that is different is that on one or two sides the lip of the bath will be designed to integrate with the tiling of your bathroom walls without leaving a gap.

But it is still a tub insert from the point of view that the bathtub requires support underneath it and a frame around it when installed.

Back to Wall Bath

There is also a type of bath known as “back to wall”. This is different from both the inset bathtub, drop in bathtub and the wall facing bath. The term back to wall refers to a freestanding bath tub that is designed specifically to be installed up against a wall. This means that one side of the bathtub is flat, and connects to the wall, but different to both inset and wall facing baths, the back to wall bath does not require a support base or frame built around it, it is freestanding.

Advantages of the back to wall freestanding bath is that you get the look of a freestanding bath, but is more space effective in a small bathroom, and solves the question of how to clean behind a freestanding tub when there is no access space.

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