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Indoor Gardening


Green thumbs rejoice! Indoor gardening is back big time

The rebirth of indoor gardening

Indoor gardening products have experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent years. The growth of urban areas has led to smaller living spaces and many people are now choosing to live in apartments or units that don't have outdoor areas or yards to use their gardening skills in. To counteract this, retailers have exploded with ranges of indoor gardening products to satisfy any frustrated green thumb.

Plants are a great addition to an indoor space. They reinvigorate a lifeless interior and are a positive energy source to have close by.

Whether you have a small balcony space to spare for some greenery, or instead prefer to pepper your indoor area with some plant life, we have the best range for you.

We have all of your indoor gardening boxes ticked

House of Home love indoor gardening. We have carefully selected a range of both classic and contemporary gardening accessories to inject some positive plant vibrations into any space - no matter how small.

Our range of plant pots is endless and we have standing pots for the perfect display of greenery in a corner, on a shelf or in the centre of a coffee table. We also have terrific hanging pots - a brilliant space-saving option for small spaces or those with pets or little ones who have a habit of gravitating towards plants and dirt, subsequently making a mess.

Our showcased product range is perfect for those on a strict home furnishings budget, or those with money to burn.

We have every colour or finish you could possibly think of - fashionable copper, retro geometric and seamless white just to name a few - as well as a superior range of vibrant colours to add a splash of intensity to your space.

We don't just have hangers and pots, however. We also have an excellent range of pot stands for that perfect, tidy finish.

House of Home's chosen retailers offer both in-store and online purchases so choosing your new indoor gardening accessories will be a breeze.

Get some tips for buying and caring for indoor plants here.

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