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In-Wall Cistern Buttons


Choosing in-wall cistern buttons

The in-wall cistern buttons available are elegant in design, easy to install and many come with replacement warranties. Offering a flawless and sophisticated finish, choose between brushed chrome, brushed stainless steel, glass, polished chrome, stainless steel, or white plastic. There are plenty of options available to match your existing bathroom fittings.

After you decide on a finish, consider the plate shape that would best suit your bathroom. The shape can be either round, square or rectangular. If your existing bathroom fittings are round or circle, its best to opt for a circle shaped plate to ensure a fluid style. If your fittings are more bold, sharp or square, then go for the square or rectangle shape plate.

As for the plate style, choose between single plate dual flush, or dual plates. A single plate dual flush has both the half flush and full flush on the one plate, and the dual plates has this across two plates. Consider the wall space available and the look you are trying to achieve when choosing between these options.

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