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Decorative Wall Hooks


5 tips for getting the most out of hooks

So, now that you've chosen your favourite hook from House of Home, what can you do to get the most out of it?

1. Goodbye, tangled jewellery

Repeatedly sorting through tangled necklaces and bracelets is such a time-waster. So, put an end to it. Buy a handful of tiny hooks, attach them to your wall and hang one, two or three pieces of jewellery on each. You'll be able to lay your hands on the piece you're looking for without a moment's hassle.

2. Hello, feature hat wall

Sick of your hats getting squashed and crushed? Use hooks to make yourself a cool, feature hat wall. The only catch is that, when your visitors see all your headwear before them, they won't be able to resist trying it on. So, be sure to keep a mirror close by!

3. Wet weather hooks

If you live in a rainy place, dealing with dripping wet coats and umbrellas can be a major hassle. Use a bunch of hooks to make a dedicated wet weather area. Of course, you might want to do this over tiles or a similarly waterproof surface. Alternatively, you can roll out a piece of plastic underneath, then take it away when everything has dried off.

4. Sorting out the kitchen

Between pots, pans, woks, spatulas and wooden spoons, the kitchen can become chaotic within seconds. Solve the mess - and make cooking much, much easier - by hanging your utensils within easy reach of where you work.

5. Get creative with hook styles

When people contemplate hooks, they usually think about standard black and white metal and plastic styles. But, as you can see from our collection, they're just the beginning. These days, the hook can become a vital part of your interior design - whether you're into antlers, cactuses or birds!

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