Honeycomb Blinds


Honeycomb Shades

Why switch to honeycomb / cellular shades?

Honeycomb shades (also called ‘cellular shades’) double as a stylish blind option and an effective insulator for the modern Australian home. The unique honeycomb structure of the shades creates a greater barrier between the window and the room than other blind types. This means that your house will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter with less energy use!

Need more reasons to purchase honeycomb shades?

Unlike typical blinds, honeycomb shades are made of lightweight material (usually lace or polyester). This makes cellular blinds less expensive, more manageable and more compact than traditional blinds. They are almost unnoticeable when they are fully raised!

Honeycomb window blinds also block out 99% of UV rays and have excellent sound absorption. Honeycomb window blinds are a great option for any rooms in your house that face the street, especially those front bedrooms.

How to choose the right honeycomb shade for your windows?

Honeycomb shades come in many different colours, fabrics and variations – corded, cordless and vertical. The cordless is the safest option and is especially suitable for families with young children.

Additionally, there is the option to add another layer of insulation by adding another layer of ‘cells’. Single cell blinds give one layer of insulation, which is enough to block out light and sound. Adding another layer of cells effectively doubles the insulation properties to guarantee savings on your power bills. As they are so customisable, honeycomb shades are a flexible option that can accommodate any home’s changing tastes and needs!

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