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Make your house a home with homeware bundles

Adding instant style

House of Home’s homeware bundles are selected from Australian designers and suppliers and put together in themed, matching groups. With bundles covering everything from gift packs for women, to bedside table enhancers, our range will give targeted areas of your home an instant lift. Best of all, you won’t need to spend hours at different stores to end up with your top few pieces – House of Home has done all the heavy lifting for you.

How to use House of Home’s homeware bundles

Take a look around your home. Are there any areas that are looking drab? Are there any rooms you don’t use very often, simply because they seem a little unappealing? The trick to décor is combining function with beauty. Artwork is a personal thing, but our homeware bundles can get you started by adding elegant pieces to drab areas. For instance, vases are artworks in themselves while also providing a home for flowers. Candles can illuminate and create a peaceful environment. Lamps can provide a similar effect, sans flame and scent, albeit with a larger, more sculpted presence. Elegant trinket dishes also provide the perfect balance of design and function – they are stylish pieces in themselves while also tidying up your odds and ends.

Selecting the right bundle for the person

If you’re buying for a friend, have a think about the elements that define them. Are they male or female? What colours do they tend to wear – soft pastels or bold primary colours? Are they creative or more practical? Once you consider the colours, textures and shapes that pique your friend’s interests, you’ll be in a better position to choose a homeware bundle for them.

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