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Recreate the cinema experience with a home theatre

Home theatre technology today means you should get your popcorn ready, because you can easily turn your lounge or living room into your very own cinema experience. With all the latest technology, putting your feet up at home to watch movies or music videos has never looked and sounded so good.

Cinema technology - at home

Ever wanted to catch a movie just as the film-maker intended but don't want to spend money on cinema tickets or leave the comfort of your own home? A state of the art home theatre system is what you need.

With all the latest TV and audio technology, the ultimate cinema-at-home experience - with grand visuals and impressive surround sound - is easily obtainable. No longer out-of-reach expensive, home theatre systems are now not only replicating the thrills of the cinema experience, but at an accessible price.

Home theatre - cinema without the hassle

Going to the movies and taking in that ultimate cinema experience is one of life's true pleasures, but do you always want to be getting dressed up, finding and paying for parking, and spending extra money on cinema treats? Now you can have it all in the comfort of your home, any time you want.

Invite your friends and family around to your place as you watch all your favourite movies, TV shows and major sporting events on a big screen with cinema-standard sound. Sit not in an uncomfortable cinema seat but lounge on your own sofa and, once the credits roll, simply switch it off and slide into your own bed; it's the cinema experience without any of the hassle.

The possibilities are endless

Want to get sentimental? Put your old home movies on the screen and relive those old wedding, birthday and holiday memories in a way you never have before. Or plug your new big home theatre system into your favourite video game console and enjoy it in unprecedented style, or let your children indulge in the ultimate pyjama party. Once you've explored the possibilities of a home theatre system, you won't go back to your old setup.

At House of Home, we have the best in TVs and accessories to help you get exactly the kind of home theatre you want. Browse our range now.

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