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It's getting hot in here! Browse our range of home heating options

Home heating options

Here at House of Home, we specialise in and showcase all methods of home heating. On top of our wide range of stylish fireplaces, we also have an extensive array of radiators and panel heater options for those who want a solid, long-lasting home heating system without the bells and whistles.

There is nothing worse in Australia's chilly winter months than coming home day after day to a cold house, or struggling to stay warm with a cheap fan heater doing all the work and wasting exorbitant amounts of energy.

We pride ourselves on choosing only the best retailers and heater stores from all over Australia, right here on House of Home. To top it off, we have options for every budget.

Radiators vs panel heaters - what's the difference?

Panel heaters run on electricity, and our range is neat, space-saving and easily installed on any wall.

Lots of people panic over heaters chewing up their electricity bill, but don't worry! Many options have a top energy rating, meaning the winter months won't leave you out of pocket when your electricity bill comes around.

With a great heat output, panel heaters are a simple and effective option to warm your home to a comfortable and cosy standard.

Extras included with some models include child-safety locks, humidifiers, and digital timers - perfect for making sure your heater gets your home perfectly warm before you even step foot in the door.

Radiators generally run on natural gas or water and are perfect for heating a single room that they are installed in.

Both the panel heaters and radiators we showcase have a variety of aesthetic differences to suit every kind of home. We have different shades to suit your home décor, horizontal and vertical options, and practical steel and super-classy glass heaters.

Look through our range of home heating options here at House of Home - available to buy online or in-store today!

Discover how you can use heating in your very own mud room.