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Home entertainment

Storage for any and all entertainment requirements

There will be a home entertainment unit to accommodate your needs, no matter how you like to spend your spare time. Choose a large one to house your new big screen TV, and invite your friends around to watch the match. Opt for one with shelves to keep your Blu-Ray and DVD collection organised and within easy reach. If you're old school, keep your CDs close to your music player, or even your vinyls next to your record player. With such a wide range to choose from, there will be a unit to hold everything you need for a night of home-based entertainment.

Transform an area of your home using the latest technology

Impress your friends and give the spare room a face lift by kitting out your man cave with a 40 inch HD TV, complete with a large unit to house all your PS4 games. Or go all out by creating a home cinema with a state of the art 65 inch full HD Smart LED LCD TV and a 3D Blu-Ray player, for when you enjoy those family film nights together. Make sure you have the latest speakers so you can become truly immersed in whatever you're watching, or so you can blast your favourite music out while doing the housework.

Many colours and styles to choose from

The options are endless when it comes to selecting style and colour, whether you're looking for new technology or a home entertainment unit. A glass unit is perfect for a bachelor pad or adult apartment, while wood is a timeless choice that complements any wall and carpet colour. Choose black speakers to match your new TV and Blu-Ray player, or opt for red to contrast nicely with your blue sofa.

Browse House of Home's extensive collection of home entertainment technology and units now, and get the popcorn ready for all of those extra film nights!

Get some tips on how to measure an entertainment unit.