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Heating your home

House of Home can connect you to a range of stockists offering various types of home heating solutions including panel heaters, fireplaces and hydronic heating.

You can search our range of heating solutions by heater type, fuel type, the size of the room you wish to heat, and by energy rating.

Types of heaters:

Panel heaters

Panel heaters are a cost effective way to heat any room. Their subtle aesthetic also means they suit any room style and many of them can even be painted to match your wall colour.

Hydronic heating

A water-based heating solution popular in Europe, Hydronic heating is an effective method of heating your home. You’ll find a number of radiators available to purchase online to complete your hydronic heating system and evenly distribute heat around your home.

Fireplace types

Fireplaces can either be freestanding or inbuilt. Freestanding fireplaces are not attached or mounted to a wall, and instead stand independently in a room. Inbuilt fireplaces are mounted to the wall inside a special enclosure. Fireplaces also vary by fuel – including solid fuel, natural gas, ethanol, electric and LPG gas.

House of Home also offers decorative fireplaces. These aren’t necessarily used for heating but to add ambience to a room, or to add an illusion of warmth.

Fireplace accessories

If you’re after a fireplace, browse the range of fireplace accessories available through House of Home to maintain your fireplace for maximum efficiency. You’ll find items such as fireplace storage, spare parts, tool sets, pokers and of course, firewood.

Tips for choosing a home heating solution

  • Consider the size of the room you wish to heat – a heater suitable for one room will struggle to heat your entire home

  • Cost efficiency and the cost of installation are important factors

  • Consider the style of the room and the space available for a heater

Looking for some more tips? Have a read of bringing warmth to your interior and DIY comfort heat for your home.

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