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Avenir Heated Towel Rails


Avenir heated towel rails add a touch of luxury

Imagine spending the night relaxing in the bath tub with your favourite music, floating in bubbles as candles flicker around you, and then wrapping a plush, warm towel around your shoulders before heading to bed. What could be more relaxing? The Avenir heated towel rail makes those rare evenings you get to yourself even more luxurious.

Contemporary and stylish rails from a high end designer

A luxury bathroom brand pushing design boundaries, Avenir's contemporary and minimalist heated towel rails are guaranteed to suit any bathroom, regardless of size or decor. Choose a multiple heated towel rail to keep the entire family's towels warm even on the coolest of days, or place his and hers single heated towel rails side by side in your shared bathroom. Of course, Avenir have many other towel rails you can use to complete your bathroom's look.

Avenir heated towel rails are both luxurious and practical

The Avenir heated towel rail is as practical as it is luxurious. It is able to store any and all manner of towels, from small flannels to hand towels to the biggest beach towels. It stops dripping and prevents the spreading of damp, drying your towels quickly and effectively.

When looking for the perfect towel rail, you need to make sure it complements your other bathroom furnishings, in particular the sink it will likely hang next to. Take a look at our buying guide to bathroom basins for ideas on how to make the best choice for your home.

Whatever the size and style of your bathroom, House of Home will have a beautiful Avenir heated towel rail to suit you.