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Heated Towel Rails


Luxury Is at Your Fingertips With Heated Towel Rails

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a heated towel rail, you’re missing an opportunity to bask in pure luxury. Heated towel rails are gaining popularity among homeowners, as they make life a little easier — not to mention more lavish! Every well-appointed bathroom should have towel warmers for everything from hand towels to body towels.

Why So Many People Buy a Heated Towel Rail

There are numerous reasons to buy a heated towel rail, and some of the more practical ones might surprise you!

  • Cosiness — Have you ever had to wrap yourself in a cold towel after a shower or bath? It’s a shock to the system, one that can be quickly avoided by having a towel warmer in your bathroom.
  • Style — A heated towel rail can work with any bathroom style, from mid-century modern to contemporary. Plus, because heated towel rails come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, it’s simple to find the one that will be perfect for your bathroom.
  • Space Maximization — You’re going to need a towel rail anyway, so why not pick a heated one that takes up very little room? At House of Home, you can find towel warmers that are freestanding, as well as ones that mount against the wall. Many have very low profiles, making them perfect for bathrooms that have limited space.
  • Reduction of Laundry — Unless you prefer to wash your towels on a daily basis, it’s likely that you reuse them several times before they are laundered. Heated towel rails help all sizes of towels dry faster, which reduces the bacteria that can develop between the fibres. You’ll get more use out of your towels and feel better about reusing them.

How Heated Towel Rails Work

There are two types of heated towel rails, electronic and hydronic. Both electronic and hydronic towel rails provide different levels of heating but ultimately achieve the same result.

Electronic Towel Rails

Electronic towel rails provide a task directed heat to the towel and not the surrounding area, they are plugged into the wall or connected directly to your house's wiring and controlled by a power point switch.

Hydronic Towel Rails

Hydronic Towel Rails require a hydronic heating system to have been installed in the home.

Hydronic towel rails heat by circulating warm water through the connected rail pipes, this type of heating not only heats the towels but can also provide radiant heat to the bathroom.

Best Suited Application?

Heated towel rails are suited to all types of environments; the only exception to this would be a hydronic system, which would best suit a colder climate as its residual heating effect will benefit the rest of the bathroom.

Electronic heated towel rails can simply and easily be switched off at the power point during warmer months if not required.

Likewise, most hydronic heated towel rails come with individual thermostat controls so these can be easily turned down, or off, at the individual unit without effecting the whole homes heating system.

Size and Style

Both electronic and hydronic heated towel rails come in a range of sizes and styles.

They can be a single or double rail that accommodates one to two towels or they can be a larger vertical application that can easily hang multiple towels.

Furthermore, they can come with a top shelf which allows you to easily stack your towels on.

The space of your bathroom and the number of users will help decide as to what size will be required.

What are the Pros & Cons of Heated Towel Rails?

The pros and cons can vary depending on if you install an electronic or hydronic heated towel system.

Pros Cons
• Warm towels (both)
• Range of designs (both)
• Range of sizes (both)
• Budget friendly options available (electronic)
• Provides assitional room heat (hydronic)
• Can be costly to run (electronic)
• Can be expensive to install (hydronic)