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Decorate your home with a hanging planter

Hanging planters - decorating your home or patio with splashes of natural colour - are enjoying a surge in popularity. With their ease of use and maintenance, low cost and space-saving designs, hanging planters are a novel and exciting way to decorate for keen gardeners or decorators with limited room or time, or a penchant for the 70s.

All you need is a planter bracket or ceiling hook and you are well on the way to hanging plants at home.

Natural colour on the inside

Natural colour is one of the easiest ways to turn a house into a home, bringing character, texture and energy from the outside in. With 'green' issues and sustainability also hot topics of the moment, hanging plants are enjoying a surge in popularity with the latest interior decorating trends.

Coming in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles, personalise your preferred hanging planter look by choosing from the extensive and exciting range here at House of Home. Whether you have a green thumb, a passing penchant for gardening or limited time, taking care of plants and flowers is an easy and effective way to relax and enjoy nature at any time.

Clear space whilst decorating

Plants, flowers and even growing your own herbs does not need to be done in the garden or in a conventional pot - hanging plants have the added benefit of keeping space on tables clear whilst decorating your area in a natural way. Fill in a drab spot in your patio or home with bursting colour as you embrace the new trend of decorating with nature.

City living and a lack of time mean hanging plants are back in vogue. You can spruce up a balcony, terrace or small garden whilst expressing your own tastes and personality with a hanging plant from our range. Gardening aficionados are also enjoying the benefits of being able to enjoy their favourite plants - like begonias, petunias and rock jasmine - any time of the day or night by bringing them indoors.

Hanging plants - in or out

Hanging plants are just as appropriate for indoors and out, as the options for hanging your favourite perennial or annual hanging plant are endless. The good news is that almost any plant is ideal to hang, from veggies to colour-popping Lantana flowers.

Get some tips for buying & caring for inddor plants and tips for styling your balcony or small garden space with our blog.