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Hand Showers


Hand showers that are ever-so-handy

The convenience of hand showers

Until you have a hand shower installed in your bathroom, you don't know the sheer luxury of being able to control exactly where your water goes and the quality of clean it is capable of.

Stock-standard shower heads that are locked in place with little room to move are a thing of the past, with many home owners opting for a hand shower that gives them the freedom of movement to get a better clean every time.

Attempting to wash your hair, exfoliate, shave or get a thorough clean can be difficult when your shower head is locked in place. Being able to hold the handle and control the pressure of the water is something that will revolutionise the way you shower.

Our brilliant range

At House of Home, we showcase a terrific range of hand showers, varying in size, shape, colour and price to suit any or all bathroom decor requirements.

For those looking for a simple, budget-friendly option that does the task at hand, we have a range of round, chrome-plated hand showers available from stockists and retailers across Australia.

Looking for a hand shower with a bit more gusto? A turbo hand shower with a concentric jet spray could be the option for you - and are especially good for mounting over spa baths as well. Many of our top-quality range also have an aqua-massage feature that will make your spa or shower that bit more luxurious.

Is your bathroom edgy or modern in its decor? Opt instead for a hand shower with a black matte finish, or a square or straight shape. Unique touches like this are stylish, sophisticated and will make any overnight guests green with envy.

Change the way you shower today

House of Home is proud to only choose the best Australian hand shower retailers and suppliers to feature right here in the same spot. Find your perfect fit today and start enjoying the convenience and luxury that comes with a hand shower.

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