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Hand Shower Sets


Hand shower sets

Hand shower sets offer greater flexibility when it comes to showering and bathing. House of Home stocks a high quality range of hand shower sets from leading stockists across Australia. Order online, click and collect or head in store to choose the right set for your bathroom.

A hand shower set is comprised of a tap ware set and a shower head which can be positioned in a holder for hands free showering, or the shower head can be removed from the holder and hand held for total control.

Why choose a hand shower set?

Typical showerheads are fixed to the wall and do not allow for any adjustments in height or positioning. They also cannot be removed from the wall, hindering its usage.

Whereas with hand shower sets, you can manipulate the showerhead to the position you prefer. You can control the direction and positioning of the water flow with greater precision and efficiency, which means you can reduce your water wastage as well.

They are a great option for families, especially when it comes to washing and bathing children, and are also a safer choice for those with mobility or accessibility issues. Many of the holders are also height adjustable for added benefit.

They also make cleaning your shower and bath so much easier than a conventional showerhead or tap!

Choose between chrome and black finishing, round or square shape and pull out, rail mounted or bracket mounted showerheads. You can also choose between individual hot and cold taps, or mixer taps.

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