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Hand Shower Heads with Hoses


How to choose the right hand shower head with hose

We all love belting out numbers like 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' when we're in the shower. But when it comes to shower time, even more important than choosing the right song is choosing the right hand shower head for your bathroom vocals. House of Home has an extensive selection of hand shower heads with hoses that could give you the X factor for your next office party or karaoke performance.

How to choose a hand shower head

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hand shower head with a hose. Making the right choice could contribute to creating the best shower experience for your home.

1. Think about your requirements

Is showering purely a functional activity to cleanse yourself or do you look forward to your shower all day, daydreaming of standing under a strong stream of water as it massages your back and clears your head?

If your shower is purely functional, you might consider looking for an eco-friendly hand shower head that can keep water usage to a minimum (read our point below on WELS rating for more information).

If you love taking a long shower and are looking for something to help massage the day's stresses away, consider a hand shower head with multiple functions so that you can vary the intensity and flow of water or a rain shower head which can make you feel like you're standing under an invigorating downpour.

2. Who will use the shower?

Will the shower be used by a variety of people of different heights? It may be important to consider how adjustable your hand shower head is.

Hand shower heads are particularly useful for families with young babies who may not have a bath, allowing parents to easily fill up the infant bath or gently wash the baby from within the shower.

3. Is the style or design important?

There are many different styles of hand shower heads with hoses, and House of Home has a design to suit every kind of décor. Whether you're looking for a sleek, rectangular shower head or a more traditional round shower head, our quality range really is second to none.

4. Are you concerned about saving water?

All of our hand shower heads come with a WELS rating (Australia's water efficiency labelling scheme). WELS includes a star rating and a water consumption or flow rating. Look out for higher star ratings for lower water consumption shower heads.

Browse the full range of hand shower heads with hoses at House of Home.

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