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Hand Shower Heads


Shower your way with hand shower heads

If you're looking to replace your old shower unit, but you're not sure what you want to put in its place, consider one of the handheld shower heads at House of Home. Use it as a normal shower head or enjoy the flexibility of movement.

A practical choice

A hand shower head is the perfect choice for your new shower, no matter your position in life. Whether you're a young professional, or part of a couple or family unit, a hand shower head is just the thing to improve your bathing experience. For some of us, it can simply mean an improvement in the speed and thoroughness of our morning shower, but for others the flexibility is more than just a bonus, it's a necessity. For those who struggle with a disability, or are having difficulty with movement as they age, the option to operate their own shower head can make such a difference in easing the process of bathing. If this is a consideration, be sure to explore our range of elegant grab bars for added safety.

If you have small children and no bath, you'll know how hard it is to help them through a regular shower without making more mess than you ever thought possible. With a hand shower head, you can make shower time so much easier to clean up after by having total control over the spray of water - and you won't even have to get drenched in the process!

Stylish and elegant

There's no reason that practicality has to come at the expense of style. All of our hand shower heads are beautifully designed, with finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, and silver, and come in a range of styles. So whether you're looking for a more traditional shape or you want something geometric and modern, we're sure to have a shower head that will suit the aesthetic of your bathroom perfectly.

At House of Home, we make it easy. Browse our huge range of hand shower heads from guaranteed retailers all over Australia, and buy online or in-store at your convenience.

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