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Hammock for Sale - Hang out this Summer!

House of Home offers a range of hammocks available to buy online or in store form retailers across Australia.

Hammocks are a great way to lounge outside and enjoy the sunshine in style as well as being a great backyard and poolside accessory.

As well as being super comfortable, as your weight is supported evenly, there are no pressure points or joins that get in the way.

Types of Hammocks

Hammocks can be designed for more than one person, and for a range of purposes.

Traditional styles comfortably support one person and are suspended between two points – typically using a fence, post, tree or side of the house/garage.

Don’t have anywhere to hang it? No problem – House of Home also stocks free-standing hammocks available for purchase online or in store. These stand on their own and therefore do not require any suspension. These are a great option as they can be moved around to suit the occasion.

Hammock chairs and swings are also a great buy, as these only need to be suspended from one point, rather than two points like traditional designs. These are prefect for hanging from a tree for a cosy spot in the shade.

Hammocks can come in different styles as well – think bohemian, beachy, contemporary and luxury. House of Home also has children’s hammocks available, including kids swing styles and hammock nests.

Hammock installation and safety tips

It’s important to suspend the hammock securely to avoid injury, so be sure to check the suspension points can handle the weight, especially if you intend for multiple people to use it at once. Browse our range of hammock hanging kits to ensure a secure installation.

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