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Stay safe and comfortable with grab bars

Safety is vital in your bathroom. A staggering number of household accidents occur inside the bathroom, and the majority of these accidents are suffered by older people and children. You want your loved ones to feel welcome in your home, so of course you want them to feel safe. If have family or friends who fall into those vulnerable categories, consider taking steps to make your bathroom safer for them. A grab bar particularly can help older people to minimise the possibility of a dangerous slip or fall when bathing, showering, or using the toilet.

Stylish grab bars

But many people tend to avoid installing grab bars in their bathroom. Why? Because grab bars are often visually unappealing, which makes people reluctant to add one to their dream bathroom. The large, bulky grab bars seen in restrooms are usually installed with a focus on cost, rather than appearance. But with one of the elegant, practical designs from the range at House of Home, you don't need to compromise the aesthetic of your bathroom when looking for safety. Instead, choose from a selection of beautifully designed grab bars that will fit right into whatever style you've selected for your finishings, melting seamlessly into your aesthetic, but remaining readily available to help prevent injuries. While the installation of an unattractive addition to your bathroom might make older family and friends feel uncomfortable, this subtle change will help your loved ones to be safe without causing them unnecessary embarrassment.

So make your bathroom safer for the people you love with one of our grab bars for your shower, bathtub, and toilet. With a range of designs and finishes from guaranteed retailers all over Australia, you can enjoy selecting a safety measure that looks good in your bathroom. You can buy in-store or online, so it's easy to make your home safer. Why not choose a grab bar today?

Now you know how to make your bathroom a little safer, discover some tips to make your home and workplace safer.