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Furniture Legs

Whether you are looking to change out some of your old and worn furniture legs for some brand new ones, or you just fancy a change of style, our selection will help you keep it classy and bring some colour and taste to these undervalued elements of your household.

Did you know that the Victorian upper class used to hide the legs of their furniture?

Believing that exposing the legs was an erotic gesture, the Victorian upper class used to the cover their furniture legs with socks, draping them so as to hide the varnished wood underneath. Today, the majority of people do not hold such conservative ideals. Instead, we want to promote these lovely legs, and bring them out from being in hiding or being unseen.

The legs of your sofas, beds, or coffee tables, can provide texture and colour that will help to counterbalance or reinforce the look you are going for.

How can you reinforce the style of your living spaces?

Whether you are more of a seventies retro fan, a Scandinavian minimalist, or perhaps even want a throwback to the swinging sixties and their classic Hampton's style, your furniture legs are going to be a big part of getting it right.

Depending on the colour, whether you go for monochromatic combinations of black and white, or a more weathered oak look, you can achieve far more with these little pieces of your furniture than you'd expect.

Furniture legs are just one element of reinventing your furniture and adding colour. Check out our article on simple hacks to reinvent your furniture for other ways you can add colour and give your home a refresh through updating your furniture. Once you've updated your furniture, it's time to get the accessories right to match! Take a look at our buying guide to cushions for tips on what to consider when buying cushions, and our cushion styling tips article to style them once you've bought them.