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Function Shower Heads with Arms


Function shower heads with arms

Function shower heads are the ultimate in luxury showering – offering a range of indulgent add ons such as multiple jets and settings guaranteed to make you never leave your shower.

Shower arm:

Function shower heads with arms include the impressive shower head with the pipe connection used to connect the head to your water mains – this is also known as the arm. Shower arms add extra height, and provide an opportunity to fix the shower head in the perfect position for your family. There are two types of shower arms:

Wall mounted shower arms are fixed to the wall, and often come in varying shapes, such as S shape, to add extra height so you can wash more than just your shoulders. Ceiling mounted shower arms are usually straight, and are typically paired with luxurious rain showers and shower roses.

While some function shower heads have a fixed arm, others come with a rail to make your shower head height adjustable, or with a hose and detachable shower head for extra functionality – both of which are great options for families.

Now you've found your perfect function shower head with an arm, you'll need to find a practical and stylish shower shelf.

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