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The benefits of a front loader washing machine

Perhaps you’ve been tossing up between getting a front loader or a top loader washing machine, and are still unsure whether to go for the front loader?

Well, the front loader washing machine does have many benefits over other kinds of washing machines. Generally, they perform better than even the highly efficient top loader washing machines, and yet they are often within a similar price range for the budget models. Of course, it's important to weigh up the pros and cons any machine in order to select the right model for your home.

Create extra space with a front loader washing machine

Front loader washing machines also let you save a lot of space in your laundry. Because the door is at the front of the machine, you can place your dryer on top of the model, meaning there’s extra wall space and floor space in your laundry. With a top loader washing machine, you don’t have this option. Read more tips about designing a space on our blog.

Save on water with a front loader washing machine

If you want to cut back on water use, front loader washing machines are often a lot more water efficient than other models. For example, a top loader washing machine will use about 150 litres of water per wash, whereas a front loader machine only uses about 95 litres. In general, the front loader washing machines are also more energy efficient too.

Get a better clean

Because a front loader washing machine uses a horizontal spin, the clothes aren’t pushed by an agitator, which means the stress on your clothes during a wash is a lot less.

Thinking a front loader might be for you? Why not check out our range of clothes dryers that you can stack on top?