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Freestanding showers - 5 tips for taking the perfect shower

Showering in the morning can wake you up, clear your head and set you on a path for a successful day, while showering in the evening can help you to wind down, de-stress and have a more peaceful sleep. Taking a shower is really is one of life's greatest little pleasures, and we can help you to maximise that pleasure with our fabulous range of freestanding showers, and some tips for taking the perfect shower.

Are you the shower rockstar, the quickie or the multi tasker?

You may have your shower routine already down - perhaps you spend most of your time acting out your rock star dreams, singing 'Bye, bye Miss American Pie' into your shampoo bottle as you check out your reflection in the glass. Perhaps you're a fan of the quickie, diving in and out in under 60 seconds, or maybe you're the ultimate multi tasker, brushing your teeth, shaving and trimming your nose hairs while reciting Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' into the nozzle of your freestanding shower.

You may think you have the best shower routine, but you might change your mind after reading our tips for taking the perfect shower.

5 tips for taking the perfect shower

1. Keep it cool

Steaming hot water may feel amazing, but it can take all the moisture out of our skin by removing your body's natural oils. Feel free to take a quick shot of shower steam, but dermatologists suggest you spend most of your shower time under lukewarm water if you want to keep your skin moisturised.

2. Less is more

Showering too often can also lead to skin irritations. Showering more than once a day is not recommended by dermatologists but if you live the kind of life where you get extra dirty or sweaty, you can always soap up a sponge and target the dirty areas with a focussed scrub while standing next to a wash basin.

3. Shampoo once, not twice

Old school shampoo marketing recommended that we 'lather, rinse, repeat', but there's really no need to shampoo twice unless your scalp is really oily.

4. Install a low-flow shower head

Low-flow shower heads can save you money by reducing the volume of water flow while you're enjoying time in your steamy, personal oasis. This is perfect as you will have more money for that night on the town you're getting ready for.

5. Moisturise while you meditate

There's no need to dry off before you apply moisturiser. You can extend your shower time and apply your moisturiser while standing under a freestanding shower's gentle spray of lukewarm water. There are specially designed in-shower body lotions, but most moisturisers will do the trick, keeping moisture under the skin.

Now that you've read our five tips for taking the perfect shower, take some time to peruse our range of freestanding showers at House of Home, and choose one that brings out your inner rock star, amplifies your quickie time or maximises your love of multi tasking.

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