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Four Poster Bed


Four Poster Bed

Four poster beds for classic beauty

The heart of any bedroom is the bed, and a four poster one is quite simply the perfect and ultimate centrepiece. In a nutshell, we are talking about a range of bed designs whose corners are marked out with long posts. Originally, curtains or canopies would be supported by the posts, but over the years some four poster bed users in Australia and beyond simply loved the look of the simple four poster frame.

Four poster beds have a range of benefits

In Australia and beyond, the benefits of the four poster bed go well beyond aesthetics. If you use a canopy, drapes or curtains, you can keep out the light and sleep soundly in the early morning - or even have an easy daytime nap! Four poster bed curtains are also perfect for ensuring more privacy, while some people simply love the feeling of being tucked away in their little night-time retreat.

Four poster beds are also known for keeping you just that little bit warmer at night as it keeps out the drafts and keeps in your body heat. But whether in Australia or elsewhere, the four poster bed is probably best loved for its decorative function. They come in a range of styles and configurations, but most are nothing short of beautiful, particularly if made of wood and finished off with fine fabrics.

Four Poster Bed Styles

To say that four poster beds in Australia come in different styles, shapes and sizes is an understatement - and at House of Home you'll find the entire expanse of what the world of four posters has to offer. Some are even completed with a roof, others are in the Victorian or classic French style, whilst additional four posters are simply pretty and decorative or sleek and modern.

Four Poster Bed Materials

Typically four poster bed frames are made from wood and can either have a ntural finish or be painted a colour. If you are looking for a more traditional looking bed, you will find them available in the following timber finishes: Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood, Cherry Wood, or Blackwood.

For a modern or contemporary style bed, look for lighter timber finishes such as Ash, Oak, Birch, or darker timber finishes such Walnut, Wenge or one with a black stain. To create more of coastal or Hampton's style look, opt for a white washed timber finish.

Four Poster Bed Sizes

There’s a size to suit every room and every body. Just like a regular bed, a four poster is available in the following sizes:

  • King size Four Poster Bed

  • Queen size Four Poster Bed

  • Double size Four Poster Bed

  • King Single Four Poster Bed for Tweens

  • Single Four Poster Bed for Kids

Choose from House of Home's four poster bed range

Not sure if you need a single, double, queen or king four poster bed? Our mattress guide will help, or if you need some more basic bed buying advice, we can help you out with that as well!

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