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Food processor magic

There are so many things you can do and make with a food processor that it’s rather astounding. For example, you can churn heavy cream into butter, grind your own beef to make mince for burgers, whip up homemade mayonnaise and shred potatoes for potato cakes. There’s a reason why Jamie Oliver swears by food processors – they really are magical kitchen appliances.

Food processors making life easier

Making certain foods that would often take hours can be reduced to a matter of minutes with a food processor. Soups and sauces are just one great example. Simply stew your veggies on the stove for a while and then throw the mix into the food processor and voila – you have a tasty soup!

Or do you have a craving for freshly homemade pasta? This can be easily created in a food processor. Mix all the ingredients you need for the pasta into the food processor and it’ll be created into a dough in no time at all.

Food processors are great for grinding nuts, biscuits and grains too. If you need chopped nuts for a cake, throw them in a processor. Or what about a cheesecake base? Add your biscuits into the machine. Need oatmeal flour? Put the oats into the food processor and you’ll have it.

Food processor options

Food processors come in different sizes and various attachments – it simply depends on what your needs are as to what machine is right for you. If you have a large family, you might want a bigger food processor and if you like to bake bread then you might opt for a food processor with a dough hook.

Whatever your needs, browse our food processors and find one that’s right for you!