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Foam Filled Bean Bag


Foam filled bean bags

Bean bags are a highly functional, affordable, and comfortable piece of furniture. Suitable for almost any room in your home, a bean bag can be moved around easily to where it’s needed the most.

Traditional bean bags are filled usually with small polystyrene balls, micro beads and sometimes rice. And although these options are comfortable enough, there’s one bean bag that’s a cut above the rest – foam filled bean bags.

Foam filled bean bags offer the ultimate lounging experience. While a traditional bean bag may take a bit of manoeuvring, foam filled bean bags are like sinking into a pile of pillows – every sitting position is extremely comfortable the instant you sink into it.

Foam filled bean bags also last longer than traditional bean bags, and our high quality range is available in many colours and fabric coverings.

Tips for buying foam filled bean bag:

• Consider who will use the bean bag most – while it’s ideal for people of any age, it may not be ideal for older people with joint problems or mobility issues.

• If children will predominantly use the bean bag, be sure to opt for a more durable fabric covering to avoid tears and rips.

• Also choose a fabric that is easy to clean and keep clean in case of food and drink spillages, or in case of fluffy pets looking for a comfortable place to snooze.

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