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There is an amazing selection of flooring choices on the market suited to all tastes and budgets.

As such, when selecting your flooring, it’s helpful to keep in mind the room the flooring is for, how much foot traffic the floor will be subjected to and lastly, what type of flooring products you like.


Timber hardwood flooring is a very popular choice in Australian homes.

There are a beautiful selection of timber species and colours available on the market.

Given timber is a natural product; there will be variations from board to board.

However, that unpredictability is what gives timber floor boards such character and charm and can really bring the most tired of spaces to life.

Provided your timber floor boards are installed and sealed correctly, they will be easy to maintain and clean.

Timber Laminate

Timber laminate flooring is a product designed to look like timber floor boards but, provides an alternative solution to the traditional hardwood flooring. It usually consists of four manufactured layers. A thin waterproofing and stabilising base, then an MDF (medium density fireboard) or HDF (high density fireboard) layer, a paper like layer that has the image printed of the floor board on it and then a final top layer that seals and protects the flooring. All layers are bonded together and heat sealed providing a finish product that is very durable and visually representative of timber floorboards.


In general, carpet can be a great budget friendly option.

Carpet has the ability to help reduce noise, be very inviting, add warmth to the coldest of rooms and is extremely durable.

Carpet is mostly made of wool or a manmade fibre like nylon or polyester. When selecting your carpet colour, of which there is an assortment, be mindful of the space it’s intended for.

Light carpet tones have the ability to make a small space seem larger but, in turn, can be vulnerable to showing blemishes.

In return, dark coloured carpets can hide these stains but will make a room seem slightly smaller.

Carpets also come in a variety of types. Be familiar with terms such as loop, cut and loop, cut-pile twist, cut-pile plush, sisal and shag as this will impact your choice.


Due to tiles water and stain resistant properties, they make for an excellent flooring selection for wet areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

The most important consideration when selecting tiles for the floor, are their slip-resistance.

As such, tiles with textured surface work well in wet area applications.

Tiles come in a myriad of colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and materials.

Common tile materials are ceramic, porcelain and stone.

Be mindful that tiles are hard and dense and as such, noise can bounce off them.

Incorporating a rug in living areas is advisable to assist sound absorption.

Polished Concrete

Gone are the days when concrete floors were just finished flooring solutions for outdoor sheds, garages and commercial buildings.

Now, polished concrete floors are a highly sought after flooring solution for the home.

Polished concrete floors can be extremely decorative or minimalistic.

Glass, stone, aggregates and shells are just some of the materials that can be inlaid with the concrete to create a visual effect.

Polished concrete floors can be installed in two ways:

  • New Concrete Flooring – pouring the concrete slab from new. Make sure you inform the concreter of your plans to polish the floor. Extra care will need to be taken by the concreter when finishing the surface as it needs to be of a high standard to assist with the polishing process.
  • Retrofit or Resurfacing - can be achieved by one of two ways. The rooms existing floor slab can be cut and sanded and then a clear liquid hardener poured over it and polished several times. Or, a new top slab with a minimum thickness of 50mm can be poured over the existing slab feature. Be mindful that this will impact the clearance for any doors and alter the ceiling height.


Of all the flooring solutions, vinyl flooring probably provides the most options in terms of variety of colour, pattern and design.

Vinyl can even impersonate other flooring options for example, it can be bought in a wood grain pattern or even a textured, pebble finish.

Generally speaking vinyl is very cost effective, water resistant, durable and easy to clean.