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Fixed Rail Shower


Stylish fixed rail shower

A fixed rail shower is suitable for the bath or a cubicle

Many smaller dwellings simply don't have room for a separate shower cubicle, which is why a fixed rail shower is a superb solution. The shower can be placed anywhere on the wall, so if space is at a premium, it provides an adaptable option for many homes. Ideal for an en-suite bathroom or apartment, a fixed rail shower is a popular choice for many different spaces.

A fixed rail shower is a cost-effective option

If you're on a budget, why not enjoy all the benefits of a premium showering experience without the expensive price tag? Fixed rail shower units are highly affordable and provide a durable alternative to pricier models. We stock a carefully chosen selection of units from leading manufacturers, ensuring you can choose from products which have an excellent reputation.

Limited mobility? A fixed rail shower is often the answer

If you, or someone in your family, normally likes to shower sitting down, the flexibility of a fixed rail shower is always helpful. The shower head can be accurately aimed for thorough cleaning, resulting in better hygiene and an easier, more convenient showering experience.

Save water with a fixed rail shower

Many of the showers we offer have been specifically designed to give you an excellent showering experience at the same time as being extremely energy efficient. Using a limited amount of water while delivering excellent cleaning power, the right model can significantly reduce your power and water bills.

If you're searching for a reasonably priced, adaptable shower unit that is straight-forward to install and easy to maintain, a fixed rail shower is the perfect solution. Why not take a look at the top grade makes and models we've got on offer at House of Home?

Discover how your shower can help you profit on small bathrooms and how you can keep your bathroom sparkling.

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