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Fireplace Spare Parts & Maintenance


Top tips for keeping your fireplace in mint condition with fireplace spare parts & maintenance

Choose the right product for touch ups

Next time you need to touch up your fireplace, invest in some high quality metallic paint. This is an extremely cheap solution for a tricky problem. Regular spray paint won’t be able to sustain the extreme heat that your fireplace generates. Furthermore, you need to be confident that your paint isn’t toxic. A specific high temperature paint product is guaranteed to meet your needs. House of Home stocks high temperature paint in over thirty colours, and it’s safe to use up to 650 degrees Celsius. So, you can really keep your fire burning without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace.

Save time by searching online

House of Home promises to stock the finest range of fireplaces, hand-picked from specialty stores around Australia. If you’re looking for a specific spare part for your fireplace, utilise House of Home to refine your search. You can filter by your fireplace brand and also your location, then discover very quickly the most convenient suppliers who are close by. To make things even simpler, all the store details that you require are listed online. You’ll find store opening hours, address details and even a map, as well as the product ranges available in store to match your current fireplace model. So, consult House of Home for all your fireplace spare parts, and save the time and hassle of conducting this research yourself.

When it comes to keeping your fireplace in top condition, an online resource like House of Home will make the process as convenient and affordable as possible. When you order online through House of Home, you’ll be eligible for deliveries throughout Australia, and delivery is free! So, you’ll never be left in the lurch again, and your fireplace will always looks its best.

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