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Add a fireplace to your home and add atmosphere and comfort

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are instantly transformed with the addition of a fireplace. Discovering your ideal fireplace has never been easier, with a full range of quality fireplace models from Australia's best fireplace brands, like Jetmaster, Nectre, Masport and many more available now through House of Home. Research online and head in store for expert advice on making the right fireplace choice.

Full Range of Fireplace Options

At House of Home, we deliver fireplaces, but also feelings of warmth and satisfaction. Browse through our fireplace listings to find the right unit for your budget, home and requirements.

Wood fireplaces

These magnificent beauties are a sight to behold and quickly become the focal point of any room. No doubt you'll love the design of a suspended open wood fireplace. These elegant pieces are more akin to works of art. Just imagine being able to revolve your fireplace 360 degrees, to change how your room is heated and also how your room looks.

Natural gas fireplaces

For efficient heating, a natural gas fireplace is an affordable and sustainable solution. Transform a wall of your home with a fireplace that can either blend right in or dramatically stand out, with modern designs to suit any colour palette.

Ethanol fireplaces

Impress with an ultra-modern ethanol fireplace that gives you great flexibility during installation.

Electric fireplaces

Expand to the largest fireplace on the market, with the impressive scale of an electric fireplace. Great for commercial spaces, these fireplaces can be tweaked to suit your requirements year-round, to set an even ambience.

LPG gas fireplaces

Gather your friends and family for relaxation and conversation around your new LPG gas fireplace. Choose a free-standing model if you're limited for space.

At House of Home, we have scoured Australia for the most innovative heating solutions, stocking the most contemporary designs without sacrificing quality. Our range also includes fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. So, your choice has never been easier. We guarantee the highest standards of international manufacturing, giving you the best value for money through our genuine suppliers.

Beat the winter chill, and order your fireplace today from House of Home. No doubt you will find a heating solution that will change your life for the better.

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