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Fire Tool Sets


Classic fire tool sets

Four essential fire tools

Your fire tools take pride of place on the hearth, so don't forget to pay attention to this final detail, and stock the following fire tending necessities.

1. Fire poker

Really get your fire going with heavy duty wrought iron fire pokers, available through House of Home. Browse all your options online to find the right poker for you. Ensure you can move heavy logs and aerate your fire, for a roaring flame and steady heat.

2. Brush

Fire can be a messy business. Make sure you're equipped to clean the ash, charcoal and soot from your fireplace regularly with the right brush. Just make sure all your embers are extinguished before attempting.

3. Shovel

A shovel is extremely handy when turning hot coals to reinvigorate a dying wood fire. Don't let your flames go out. At House of Home you'll find the perfect fire tool set. Browse your options to choose a design with your personal style, whether you prefer wooden handles, cast iron, stainless steel, or a black paint finish.

4. Fire rake

Finally, no set is complete without a fire rake. Often overlooked, this nifty device is the mark of a seasoned fire professional. With a fire rake you can really add oxygen, and watch your fire come to life.

Check to see if your House of Home fire tool sets comes with a stand to order and display your fire tools. This added extra turns your fire tool set into a real feature of a room.

Fire tool sets also make a great gift! So make your thoughtful choice today, and order a sturdy, reliable fire tool set to really keep your fire going.