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What is a fire poker set for?

If your home has a traditional fireplace, a fire poker set is essential for easy tending. A fire poker (or a ‘fire iron’) is a metal rod for adjusting firewood (or coal). Typically, fire pokers are made from fireproof metals such as stainless steel, iron or brass. Stainless steel and iron fire pokers are the most popular, while brass poker sets tend to be most expensive.

Where can a fire poker set be used?

Fire pokers are only suited to indoor fireplaces which use smaller wood logs or small pieces of coal. Taking a fire poker set outdoors for large bonfires is not advisable. First, the fire poker is likely to be too small to move large logs. Second, fire pokers designed for indoor fireplaces are too short to reach the middle of a large bonfire. Using a fire poker outside could increase the risk of being burned. You may even lose the poker in the bonfire entirely!

Stainless steel, wrought iron or brass fire poker?

Stainless steel fire pokers are lightweight and easy to manage. They are typically silver in colour, which suits modern fireplaces. Stainless steel fire poker sets also tend to have more features. Some double as fire bellows, which means that they also have a mouthpiece that allows you to blow into the fire from afar. Others have a clamp so that you can pick up wood logs or pieces of coal without being too close to the heat.

Wrought iron fire pokers are more traditional in design and usually come in black. Iron pokers are heavier than those made of stainless steel. You can expect an iron poker to weigh around 2kg. While they require more effort to manoeuvre, they do sit as a beautiful accessory next to a stone, iron or brick fireplace.

Decent brass poker sets are less easily sourced, as many of them are antiques. Being antique items, knowing whether a brass poker is really brass and whether it really is an antique requires a good eye. Unless you really want a poker in brass, we recommend buying a stainless steel or wrought iron fire poker set for functionality and economy.